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2019 Kick or Treat Champions (Girls U10 Gold)
2019 Thriller Classic Champs (Girls U12 Gold)
2019 Boo-Fest Champions (Girls U11 Gold)

2024 Competitive Soccer Signups 

Registration is currently closed. 

For more info E-mail:

Competitive Soccer Frequently Asked Questions

Once the competitive season tryouts have ended, any child can still register for a competitive team. All inquires about open spaces for Comp teams should be sent to  However:

A. Your child will be placed on a team only if there is room and the Head Coach agrees to accept him/her. It may not be possible to honor your requests to play for a particular coach or on a particular team or with a particular friend.

B. If there is no room on NVYSL teams, we may be able to recommend another local Club. 

Players on competitive teams register through their team. See your coach or team manager for details.

If you child is playing on a competitive team, registration is done through the team. Your Team Manager or Coach will distribute and collect your registration form, or the downloaded form may be used.

Completed forms for Competitive players must given to your child’s Team Manager or Head Coach. Proof of age and payment (make checks out to NVYSL) are also accepted by the Team Manager or Head Coach.

If registering for the first time, you will need to show proof of birth date. (See below for a list of acceptable documents.)

A check to cover the registration fee and, if ordered, uniform cost. Fees vary based on level of play (recreational or competitive) and age of the child. Make checks out to NVYSL. 

  • United States Birth Certificate
  • United States Passport
  • Certified Notification of Birth
  • United States Board of Health Record, a Certificate of Naturalization issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service
  • United States Alien Registration Card
  • California State Driver’s License

Photocopies of any of the above are acceptable. Note that any player can be called upon to prove legality of age with an original copy of one of the above to the Board should a question arise. Hospital certificates are NOT adequate proof of birth date.

Competitive teams are formed after tryouts for the upcoming season has been completed. You should receive an email after you’ve registered and attended a tryout with information from an interested head coach ( If you don’t receive an email, Please email Nick Bravo at Not all players that tryout will be selected for North Valley United teams and those who aren’t selected will be encouraged to join our Recreational program. 

Practices can begin around late July for fall and February for spring (Depends on Head Coach). Returning players are covered by CYSA’s supplemental insurance from their previous year’s registration, but new players are not covered until August 1st for fall or March 1 for spring.

Your coach will determine the day(s) and location of the team’s practice. The League cannot accommodate requests to change teams based on conflicts. We suggest that you work with other parents on the team to arrange car pools.

NVYSL Refund Policy All refund requests will incur a $25 administrative fee, and no refund requests will be accepted once the teams are formed. Parents are reminded that coaches make arrangements for practice dates/times/locations, and that information generally is not available until after the refund request deadline, therefore you must remain flexible in arranging your child’s after-school schedule. If NVYSL does not have space available to place a player on a team, that player will receive a full refund. Refund requests must be submitted on-line to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.”>

Competitive Soccer General Information

North Valley United has a strong tradition of developing teams and individuals in high level division 1 and division 3 competitive soccer under the recognizable green and black North Valley jerseys. All North Valley competitive coaches are US Soccer National Licensed or in the process of being licensed.  Currently we play through CYSA Cal Soccer League, and each team plays multiple tournaments per season.

We always encourage player/parents interested in competitive soccer to contact teams or comp coordinator anytime to inquire as we are always looking for talented players and interested parents throughout the year. Your player does not need to come to competitive soccer as part of a team or have competitive soccer experience, and can tryout any time throughout the year.  We also will guest players from both recreational and other age relevant teams from North Valley or lower aged or bracketed teams.  Additionally u11 players can play up in age at the comp level.

Here are some frequently asked questions about our Competitive Soccer Program:

  • What are the costs?
    Please see the latest information available from the league on per season fees and uniform costs. Some teams have additional trainers that may be additional costs and will be discussed by coach or manager.

  • How far do I have to travel?
    There are 8 to 10 games/season. 4 to 5 are played on North Valley Fields and 4 to 5 on other fields in the Bay Area (most travel is 20 to 45 mins top)

  • How often are practices?
    Usually 2 days a week and most coaches hold 1.5 – 2 hour practices.

  • Do they play in Tournaments?
    Yes most coaches do have their teams play in 2-3 tournaments per season, but it is each coaches choice.

  • Are there games on both Saturday and Sunday?
    Yes they can be. Tournaments have 4 games over both weekend days.

  • Can a player tryout for any team or does a whole team need to go comp?
    A player can try out for any team at their age or two years up. Teams go through a selection process when building and keeping teams competitive.

  • Are there different levels of comp soccer? 
  • Yes starting at the first year teams and increasing in skill and speed of the game: copper, bronze (d3), silver, gold,(d1), platinum and premier.
  • If you have any further questions contact Travis Diaz our Comp Coordinator at