Field Information

Field Status

The City of San Jose fields, Cataldi and Berryessa Creek (Majestic Way Elementary) Parks are controlled by the city. Coaches should call the City of San Jose field line at 408-794-6532 to check the availability of the fields at these two parks.

The availability of the school fields: MorrillSierramontToyonBrooktreeRuskinPiedmont High SchoolSheppard Middle, and Laneview will be determined by the NVYSL field coordinator. They will send all rec and comp coaches an e-mail when fields are closed. He will also include the City fields status in his e-mail. Depending upon the timing, the closure notice may be e-mailed to all NVYSL parents.

NVYSL fields Morrill, Laneview, Ruskin, Toyon, Brooktree, Sierramont and Piedmont are public schools and NOT PUBLIC parks. The school district has a strict no dogs policy. Please help North Valley keep our fields and remind your team, and opponent of the NO DOGS rule.

No dogs are allowed on the fields. This includes little dogs in bags, puppies, etc. Consider the following: 1) several people are phobic of dogs, including many of the young players. You might have a very gentle dog, but the next person may not. The person with the more challenging pet can challenge the ruling if s/he sees someone else out on the field – even with a small dog. 2) As dog owners know, dogs protect their people. A 3-year old child can be viewed as a threat by a protective canine.


Parking At Morrill:

Please remember – no parking inside the Morrill gate. This is a REQUIREMENT from the school – even if the gate is left open. If you’ve parked inside the gate and someone locks it up, you’ll have to wait until Monday to retrieve your vehicle. Please pass this along to all your parents, assistants, etc.

Field Locations


Check your schedule for actual field.

Address can be located at the link above. 

Game Setup and Takedown

COACHES NOTE: YOU are responsible for making goals and fields are prepared and cleaned up. Solicit volunteers!

We need your help to ensure that our fields and equipment are secured on game weekends. Please read through the following message, share it with your parents, and work with each other to make sure that no one gets hurt and nothing gets stolen.

Who is responsible?

First game sets up and last game takes down. Please allow time before and after games! Your team manager, or the coach if you have not identified a manager, is personally responsible for the tasks associated with proper set-up and take-down. Even if you are not the responsible team, please do not leave the field until everything is secured.

Do not give out the combination to locks to anyone on your team other than your team manager.

You and the team manager are responsible for the safe use of and the security of all the equipment. If someone associated with your team needs to use the Porta Potty at a practice, you or your manager open it for them, and you or your manager secure it when they are through.

Proper Set Up:

Open Porta-Potty. Replace lock on the chain, lock it, and spin the combination.

Move goals on to field. Enlist help from a sufficient number of adults to do this safely. Make sure that no one is positioned under the crossbar until it is lowered below head height. Keep the area clear of children below the age of 10 while moving the goals.

Anchor the goals. Hammer the anchors attached to the back bar on the goal into the ground. Goals tipping over are the primary cause of fatal accidents associated with soccer in the United States.

String the nets on the goals. Set-up the corner flags.

Return all bags to the storage box. When left out on the field, the bags sprout legs and walk away. Many of these bags cost $50.

Close the box lid, and lock the box, spinning the combination. Children playing around the storage box could be injured if the lid slams down. Leaving the lock in the open-combination position essentially broadcasts the security combination to anyone who walks by. And locks cost $17 each.

Put out trash cans. One can next to Porta Potty. One can next to exit/entrance on Cropley Black garbage bags are in the lock box. Proper

Take Down:

Remove nets from the goals, store in bags, and place bags in the lock box. In the case of small goals, place them in the bags and store in the lock box. Please use some care in folding the nets so that they don’t get tangled and ripped. Cost of nets $180/pair.

Gather the corner flags and store. Corner flags cost $60-80 a set.

Lock the storage box, spinning the combination.

We have to make sure that children do not have access to these boxes during the week as they could become trapped inside or injured by the lid.

Secure the large goals. Place goals, one inside the other, face of the goal against the fence, crossbar up. Run the chain through the fence and lock, spinning the combination. We want to reduce the likelihood that kids will play on the goals when they are stored. We also want to reduce the likelihood that goals will be dismantled and stolen. Cost of a pair of full size goals, with tax and shipping, is $3,900.

Police the area. Clean up garbage left on the field and place it in the garbage can provided. Our continued use of these fields depends on our positive relationships with the schools, parks, and neighbors. We have lost the use of fields in the past because of garbage, noise, and other abuses. Please be considerate.

Lock the Porta Potty; spin the combination. The chain that secures the Porta Potty to the fence must be pulled tight to prevent the portapotty from being moved or tipped. Vandals tipped the Porta Potty over at Toyon. Anyone want to help clean up this mess?

The garbage bags are to be removed from the garbage cans and tied. Place them next to the lock box and stack cans (Morrill). Last team on the field is responsible for garbage.

No Dogs on Fields Excluding service dogs:

What to do if someone else is on your assigned field?

Check the schedule to see which teams have been assigned to your field.   

If other sports teams or individual groups are using your space, obtain a copy of NVYSL’s permit from your coordinator and ask them to produce the same. If they cannot produce a permit and refuse to leave, consider the safety of your players and use good judgment about how confrontational to be. Let the Field Coordinator know of the situation. If the same group occupies the field at your next practice, we will contact the police.

NVYSL Playing Rule