recreational soccer action
recreational soccer action
recreational soccer action

Spring 2024 Recreational Registration is OPEN! ⚽️

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(Note: New players need to order uniform, existing players only need to order if current uniform does not fit.)
Become a Coach! (Head Coach’s child plays free!)

NVYSL is looking for Coaches, Referees, and Sponsors! If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please email
2024 Recreatonal Registration

By registering early, you allow us to consider all accommodations (Coach, team requests) and ensure your child (player) is placed on a team and not wait listed due to not enough coaches.

There are three ways to get forms:

A.You can download and print a form from the home page of this website, and after filling it out completely, you can mail it in or bring it to one of our registration sessions. Google “CYSA 1601” to print the form

B.You can pick up a form at one of our registration sessions and fill it out there.

C.If you child is playing on a competitive team, registration is done through the team. Your Team Manager or Coach will distribute and collect your registration form, or the downloaded form may be used.

Completed forms can be mailed in or hand delivered to one of our registration sessions. Competitive players must register through their Team Manager or Coach. Mail form, proof of age, and payment (make checks out to NVYSL) to:

NVYSL Registration PO Box 610877 San Jose, CA 95161

Picture and trophy included in registration fee. Late Registration Fee: $10 for registration after August 1st (Fall) or Feb 28th (Spring) Registrations after August 9th or March 5th may be wait listed. Sibling Discount: $5 off for each additional child. Uniforms: $30 for reversible shirt, shorts and socks (reusable year to year), $10 shorts, $5 socks. Registration fees are based on the age of the player. Older players’ games are longer and are played on larger fields. Referee and and field costs increase as players get older.

Fee List by Age

 Age Group

Birth Year


Under 6

2015 – 2014


Under 8

2013 – 2012


Under 10

2011 – 2010


Under 12

2009 – 2008


Under 14

2007 – 2006


Under 16

2005 – 2004


If registering for the first time, you will need to show proof of birth date. (See below for a list of acceptable documents.)

A check to cover the registration fee and, if ordered, uniform cost. Fees vary based on level of play (recreational or competitive) and age of the child. Make checks out to NVYSL. View table above for registration fees.

  • United States Birth Certificate
  • United States Passport
  • Certified Notification of Birth
  • United States Board of Health Record, a Certificate of Naturalization issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service
  • United States Alien Registration Card
  • California State Driver’s License

Photocopies of any of the above are acceptable. Note that any player can be called upon to prove legality of age with an original copy of one of the above to the Board should a question arise. Hospital certificates are NOT adequate proof of birth date.

For detailed instructions on filling out the registration form, please see below or email

Teams are formed during March for spring, and August for fall, and coaches are given their rosters in early August for fall, and March for spring. We encourage coaches to contact the players on their teams as soon as they get their rosters which means that you should hear from the coach sometime mid August for fall or mid March for spring. If you have not heard from your child’s coach by end of August, contact the age group coordinator for your child’s age group.

Practices can begin around late August for fall and March for spring. Returning players are covered by CYSA’s supplemental insurance from their previous year’s registration, but new players are not covered until August 1st for fall or March 1 for spring.

Your coach will determine the day(s) and location of the team’s practice. The League cannot accommodate requests to change teams based on conflicts. We suggest that you work with other parents on the team to arrange car pools.

After the last registration session, you can still submit registration applications to the However:

A.Your child will be placed on a team only if there is room. It may not be possible to honor your requests to play for a particular coach or on a particular team or with a particular friend.

B.If there is no room on NVYSL teams, we may be able to place your child on a team in another local Club. And we may hold your registration on a Wait List in case players drop. The Age Group Coordinator for your child’s age group will contact you if we need to exercise one of these options. In the event we cannot place your child on a team, your registration fee will be turned.

NVYSL Refund Policy All refund requests will incur a $25 administrative fee, and no refund requests will be accepted once the teams are formed. Parents are reminded that coaches make arrangements for practice dates/times/locations, and that information generally is not available until after the refund request deadline, therefore you must remain flexible in arranging your child’s after-school schedule. If NVYSL does not have space available to place a player on a team, that player will receive a full refund. Refund requests must be submitted on-line to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.”>

We offer two levels of soccer play: recreational and competitive. Most new players start on recreational teams, and recreational is all that is offered for 4-7 year olds.

Recreational teams are organized by age group. Four and five year olds play co-ed soccer on U6 teams. Six and seven year olds are organized into Boys U8 teams and Girls U8 teams. And so on? U10, U12, U14, U16, U19.

Recreational teams typically practice twice a week (e.g., Monday and Wednesday), most often in the late afternoon or early evening based on the availability of the coach. Unfortunately, we cannot assign your child to a team based on days of the week, as we do not know coaches? schedules at the time teams are formed. We ask that you make an effort to coordinate with other parents on the team to which you are assigned before asking us to change your child?s team, as reassigning children to different teams is disruptive and not always possible.

Recreational teams play two pre-season games in August and 8-10 season games in September, October and November and spring games start first week of April and end first of June. All recreational games in U6-U12 are held on Saturdays. Some recreational teams (U8-U14) enter our tournament in late November or early December; these teams pay a tournament fee that is not included in your registration.

Younger age groups play on smaller fields, with smaller balls and goals, for shorter time periods, and fewer players on the field. This gives individual players more opportunities to play the ball. It also facilitates the player?s development of tactical concepts. 

Recreational Soccer General Information

Division 4 or recreational, also sometimes referred to as Class 4 or in-house, consists of the majority of our players. Each year, players are assigned to teams in which each player must play at least 50% of the time throughout the season. We place a large emphasis on player development and soccer enjoyment. Every player can play Division 4, irrespective of the skill level, whether they are new to the game or even seasoned players. Recreational soccer is also offered at our Club affiliate, MYSC. Normally, NVYSL and MYSC combine schedules to form a very balanced REC season. In addition, Division 4 teams may also play in local recreational jamborees and fun days which consist of tournament style of play.

For detailed instructions follow steps.

1.Click the “Online Registration” box below. This will take you to the start of the registration process Welcome Page.
2.Follow the online instructions.
3.Print the CYSA 1601 Form.
4.Sign the CYSA 1601 Form.
5.Mail in the completed form and proof of age to NVYSL Registration, PO Box 612137, San Jose, CA 95161.

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*Recreational Coaches are not expected to be licensed. *Everyone plays 50%+ *For U6 – U10 teams, travel is kept to a minimum, normally within the League and Club locations in North Valley and Milpitas *For U12 – U19 teams, team travel is dependent upon PlayThru locations, normally within District II in Santa Clara County *MYSC offers REC spring for many NVYSL teams

Recreational Soccer Rules

Documents outlining rules and modifications for recreational soccer by age group

NVYSL Playing Rules